This team is the result of five friends banding together in 1A as newly orientated Mechatronics Engineering students. After six semesters of classes together and gaining experiences from six unique co-op experiences, these five friends have turned into talented and skilled engineers all in their own right. Those six co-op terms were essential in shaping the skillset of each member and defining their passions while distinguishing their roles in the success of this project.

Our Dedicated Team

Nathan Madonia

 Nathan has focused his projects, extracurriculars and career on developing mechanical design skills. He developed his CAD, kinematics, and manufacturing skills while leading the University Rover Mechanical sub-team and has applied these throughout his co-op positions. His co-op placements have specialized in designing integrated mechanical systems, specifically leveraging rapid prototyping and user focused design. This comprehensive mechanical background makes him suited to design, manufacture, and build the supporting mechanical infrastructure of the device.

Alex Petkovic

 Alex has developed a background in electronics and embedded software throughout his co-op and student design team experiences across the automotive, medical, IoT, and robotics fields. He has architected and designed several PCBs for different companies as well as school projects, using schematic capture and layout CAD software. Additionally, Alex designed firmware features for several products, and led the University Rover Firmware sub-team. With his experience he will design the electrical system and develop firmware for the device.

Kalli Bonin

Kalli has had four of her six co-ops as a Product Manager and excels at defining features and prioritizing work. She has focused on having clear and extensive documentation of the project's progress and lead presentation preparations. Kalli oversees keeping the team on task and on schedule, she plans out meeting agendas and deadlines. With her background in product management and working on mobile applications, she has designed the user interface for the hazard detection system.

Terry Bariciak

Terrance has specialized in software engineering, with strengths in machine learning, computer vision and cloud development. Throughout his co-ops, he has worked in a variety of domains including autonomous robotics, remote sensing, and AI-driven healthcare and qualitative research. He works closely with Meetkumar to develop our vehicle detection and risk models, and oversees the cloud development that supports the team's mobile application and backend servers.

Meet Patel

 Meetkumar has specialized in the domain of software engineering with a focus on machine learning, computer vision, and application development. Through his last five co-ops and personal projects, he has experience developing software architectures, application, and computer vision systems. Meetkumar’s software skills and strengths in computer vision systems makes him well-suited to develop our vehicle detection model alongside Terrance and oversee the mobile application development.

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