We are making the roads safer.

Cycling is becoming a more popular form of transportation and we want to keep cyclists safe.


We are a group of five active, young professionals that use bicycles as a form of transportation. Unfortunately, we have seen first hand that sharing a road with cars is incredibly dangerous. While we all wear helmets and use lights in an effort to protect ourselves. With our diverse background of experiences in mechanical and electrical design and computer vision, we are tackling this problem to empower more cyclists to take the road safely.

Scope of Our Problem

We have narrowed down the serious problem of cyclist
safety into three chunks to tackle for this project.
Improve Motorist-Cyclist Safety

Motorist-Cyclist accidents make up the majority of bicycle accidents and cause the most damage. We're focusing on these to tackle the biggest problem.

Enhance Visibility for and of the Cyclist

Motorist forget to look out for bicycles and during commuting hours it can be hard to see. With an expansive lighting system, cyclists can be more obvious.

Provide Real-Time Hazard Warnings

On the cyclist phone and through stereo-speakers, real-time hazard warnings will notify the cyclist of approaching obstacles to allow them to react.

University of Waterloo
  • Group 9
  • Falcon Safety